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At Cat Defence we believe in Desexing cats and avoiding the destruction of these loving creatures


Cat Defence has been caring for cats in the community since 1996.


We would like to say thanks to all our members, volunteers and supporters for their kindness, generosity and steadfast support as Cat Defence would not exist today without all you WONDERFUL people.


The journey so far has  been unfailingly challenging, interesting, sometimes very stressful but mostly very very rewarding.






what we do

Cat Defence is a desexing agency.  We arrange desexing at discount prices.  We help those with limited incomes and who are often most in need of animal companionship to desex their animals as well as the desexing of stray and colony cats.


We are a no Kill organization which means we do not kill healthy or treatable cats.


We are a very small group with only a handful of members doing the hands on work.  We do not go out picking up or trapping cats.


In 2012 we had to stop taking cats into our care.  We have 46 cats that are permanently with us.  These cats will not be re-homed as they are old or have medical or behavioural problems.  These cats are spread between only a few committed members.  We do have to respect Council’s rules and be considerate of neighbours.  The cost of their care is quite high.


We receive no government funding.  Our funding comes from donations from our members and our fundraising activities.


We have no paid employees and spend very little on the running costs of our organization.  The majority of our expenses are met by donations from members and supporters.


Rescue Report


We are very pleased with our rescue report.  In the 12 months from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019 we desexed 198 cats and re-homed 74 cats and kittens.  Most of the cats that were re-homed were kittens adopted from our supportive no kill vets.  However, some were stray cats that people contacted us about and, after we desexed the cat, the people decided to keep the cat as their pet.




Lois Hunter was one of the founders of Cat Defence.


Tall, elegant, highly intelligent and eccentric, Lois was fiercely opinionated on all subjects.  (You CAN''T dine anywhere where fish are swimming around waiting to be eaten)..


Lois had no time for politics and resisted becoming a member of any formal organization - until she saw that the plight of rampantly reproducing  cats was so important that she was willing to take on the role of President of Cat Defence...Lois coined our motto:  "We desex, we do not destroy".


Lois, for most of her adult life, fought for the rights of companion animals and of those who most needed their companionship - the lonely and displaced in our community.  A remarkable woman; a thoroughly decent human being. Sadly, Lois passed away in February 2012. She is sorely missed by all who knew her.







We can only keep doing our great work with your support. 

Cat Defence is so grateful for the continued support of our members and people in the community.  Without this support we would not be able to look after the cats in our care as well as desexing cats in the community, both owned pets and homeless cats. Meet Buster (top), Snoop and Isabella (bottom) who are three cats in the care of Cat Defence. 


We would like to thank the following vets for their support.


Durham Street Veterinary Clinic

Greystanes Veterinary Clinic

Katoomba Veterinary Clinic

Lithgow Veterinary Hospital

Princes Highway Veterinary Hospital

Bowenfels Veterinary Clinic


There are several ways to support us:


  • Donate funds.  You can donate funds by depositing directly into our Bank account (BSB: 032 002 - Account No. 286854) or by sending us a cheque or money order to our GPO Box address made payable to "Cat Defence Network Inc."

  • Become a member of Cat Defence or join a friend or relative up as a member

  • Visit or donate goods to our Op shop in Katoomba.  We accept donations of good quality second hand goods but, as the shop is very small, we cannot accept large donations.  We do not sell fur, furniture, any type of knives or dangerous items, second hand underwear, sox or swimwear, opened toiletries and cosmetics, electrical goods, discoloured or old books or video tapes.  We also have a food collection bin at the shop and we also accept cash donations at the shop.

  • Volunteer in our Op shop.

  • Make provision for us in your will by leaving us a bequest.


Donations over $2.00 are tax deductable



Meet our Cats

We often print stories in our newsletters about the cats in our care.  These are some of their stories.  Some of these cats have passed away but their stories highlight how desperate some cats' lives are and how anyone can make a differtence.


Bella's story


Cat Defence Blue Mountains was contacted in November 2012 about Bella, a three year old long haired tabby.


Bella was taken in by an older lady in Wentworth Falls when her first owner couldn’t keep her.  Bella has always been a very nervous girl and hid when visitors came.


Sadly, Bella’s saviour passed away, leaving her distraught.


The lady’s relatives made the decision to put Bella outside.  Bella was terrified and scratched at the door trying to get back inside.  The relatives said that if anyone is worried about her they can take her to the pound.


We provided a neighbour with food and he reluctantly fed her for a while.


We asked people in the area to help – even to take her in temporarily until we could find a solution, but we could find no-one who was willing to help her.


We tried Bella at a couple of homes and, as she was so nervous and upset, they just didn’t work out for her.


Then, one of our members, who has several of our cats in care, took Bella in.


Bella is a cat’s cat.  She loves her cat friends and has settled in very nicely with them.  She has calmed down and is enjoying herself with her new companions.


Bella doesn’t like or trust people – who could blame her!  We are so happy Bella has found a home.


Lilycat's story


Lilycat was a young tortie tabby stray taken to a boarding cattery for rehoming but she was forgotten there.  She was one of the left-behind cats that had been at the cattery for months.


That was to change, and not for the better, as Lilycat was to be put outside the safety of the cattery as the owner of the cattery was sick of her screaming.  If she stayed around she would be fed.  Lyn, a member of Cat Defence, pleaded on her behalf - she didn't know how to survive around cars and dogs and, being on an acreage, she would likely run and be lost. 


The owner of the cattery would not give in so Lyn collected Lilycat the next morning.  She was put in with two other cats who had also been at the cattery.  Lyn tried to teach her that everyone had a cuddle at night but her trust in humans was almost non-existent.  Still she seemed to understand that Lyn was 'okay', so she tolerated pats.


When her screaming fits continued for many hours straight she was taken to Dr Ian.  It was decided that her distress couldn't continue so she went for surgery to ensure all parts of her ovaries were removed.  Dr Ian rang to advise that he didn't know if she would live as she was being poisoned with infection.  One ovary was a dead decaying mess, the other was a stub with an egg-sized mass of infection.  It was only Dr Ian's care that pulled her through, along with help from Lyn - giving one very angry tortie 7 tablets a day plus pain killers. Lyn got quite a collection of scratches but she always got those tablets into her and over the weeks Lilycat got much stronger.


Over time Lilycat learned trust but was never a lap cat.  She learned to live and let live in the cat run. She had heat pads to sleep on when it was cold and sunny spots to sleep in.  Life wasn't all that bad.


Llycat became fussy over food and lost a bit of weight.  She was taken to see Dr Ian. Lilycat was diagnosed with inoperable cancer.


"I couldn't make up for the bad things that had happened to her nor could I make her cancer go away.  All I could do was keep her life as normal as possible and show her that she was loved and that she would always be loved." Lyn


The night Lilycat passed away she wanted a cuddle - rare for her.  She ate and died peacefully two hours later.

Serena's story


Serena is a lovely tabby girl approximately 13 years old.


We don't know about her early life but she was taken in as a stray cat by one of our members and lived at Meadlow Bath in the Blue Mountains with other rescued cats.


Serena liked people - but she didn't like to be around other cats.  Often she would find her way into a neighbour's home and they would find their visitor curled up in a comfy place.


In 2009 the member moved to another area and we decided to move some of the cats she cared for.  She suggested that we find a more suitable foster carer for Serena.


Around the same time Dorothy was looking for a cat.  She didn't want a young cat as she is an older lady and didn't want a lively cat to trip her over.  She'd always had cats in her life. She is one of those people with a sign that only cats can see which offers 'free food and cuddles'.


It was a perfecft match.


Within weeks Serena had Dorothy trained to her liking and the two have been happy together since.


At night, when Dorothy goes to bed, Serena walks around her to make sure she is tucked in properly, pats her on the cheek ad then chooses her own bed for the night, sometimes it might be on her special rug on her special chair and sometimes it might be on the end of Dorothy's bed.


Finally Serena's dream came true.  That she is an only child with a mum who adores her.




If you are contacting Lyn (President) whose details are set out below, could you please call her rather than sending a text message.  If you leave a message on her phone, she will return your call as soon as possible.




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